I have registered an account but why don't I receive the activation e-mail.

Check your spam folder.

Did you enter a correct e-mail address?


I have contacted you but I haven't received a reply.

I always reply and I'm pretty quick about it, so if you haven't received a reply then most likely there is a technical issue. It might be because of the same reason as above.

Try sending a message on my Facebook page.


What types of log files can I upload?

CSV (comma separated value) files


How do I get these logs?

If you are flying with a DJI Phantom type of quadcopter then there are multiple 3rd party apps like DJI Ultimate Flight, DatCon (offline converter) or Litchi. If you know of a 3rd party app on iOS, feel free to send me the link and I'll put it up here.
There are also hardware loggers that you can pretty much mount on anything.


I have a Phantom 3/Inspire, can I use the log files (DAT/TXT) that are saved during a flight?

The log file has to be converted to a CSV file before uploading. This can be done at http://www.djilogs.com (they charge $1 for a conversion)

There are also a couple of offline conversion tools that are free:


I uploaded a log file. Why doesn't the map show the track and the plot doesn't show any values?

Log files have different column names between different apps and hardware loggers. Then the system doesn't know how to read the file. If you encounter this, go to the contact page and attach the log file with a message.


How can I share a track I have uploaded with my friends?

First you need to set the audience either to Everyone or 'Me + People I share the track with'. After you have done that you will see icons for common social networks and e-mail under the plot. You can also copy the link underneath the social icons and paste it for example in a post on a forum. The URL should look like this: http://www.flightreplay.com/share/track/maria-station. If you have copied the URL in the address bar which contains the word mytracks then other people won't be able to open it.


How do I view the track in 3D space in Google Earth

First you need Google Earth installed on your computer or mobile device.
Then after the log file is uploaded, there will be a Google Earth link above the map. Click on that and the KML file will be downloaded. Open the file that was download and Google Earth will launch with that file.


I have an improvement suggestion. Can I send it to you?

Absolutely! I love getting feedback. Use the contact page.