• Introduction

    Visualize you CSV log files

    Do you have CSV log files from your 3rd party app, hardware logger or converted log files from the manufacturer?

    Upload them here and get a visual representation of your flight.

  • Fly away

    Did you have a fly away?

    Instead of trying to interpret your log file, upload it and easily see the last known position of your aircraft on a map.

  • Telemetry


    See how your aircraft behaved during your flight.

    Position, altitude, speed, heading and many more.

  • Pilot Log

    Pilot Log

    After uploading your log files you get a pilot log where you can see a list of all flights and your totals

  • Sharing


    You can of course keep your tracks private, but it's more fun to share.

    Using common social networks and e-mail you can share your tracks with your friends and family.


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